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Toms, coons, mulattoes, mammies, and bucks

New York, Viking Press [1973]

Toms, coons, mulattoes, mammies, and bucks Table Of Content

Preface to the New Third Edition
Preface to the Expanded Edition
Preface to the First Edition
1 Black Beginnings: from Uncle Tom's Cabin to The Birth of a Nation 3
The Tom 4
The Coon 7
The Tragic Mulatto 9
The Mammy 9
The Brutal Black Buck and The Birth of a Nation 10
2 Into the 1920s: the Jesters 19
3 The 1930s: the Servants 35
High-Steppin' Sir Stepin 38
Waiting on West and Serving Shirley 45
Mr. Bojangles: the Cool-Eyed Tom 47
Clarence Muse: The Inhibited, Humanized Tom Standing in a Corner by Himself 53
Imitation of Life: Mother Knows Best 57
Iridescent Fredi: Black Girl in Search of a Black Role 60
Louise Beavers: the Black Guardian Angel 62
The Green Pastures 67
Rex Ingram: First of the Freed Black Men 69
Stepin's Step-Chillun 71
Rochester: The Gentleman's Gentleman 77
Hi-Hat Hattie 82
Gone with the Wind: Black Realities and the End of a Tradition 86
Paul Robeson: the Black Colossus 94
4 The Interlude: Black-Market Cinema 101
Oscar Micheaux 109
5 The 1940s: the Entertainers, the New Negroes, and the Problem People 117
The Entertainers 118
Hazel Scott: Miss Proper Middle-Class Lady 122
Lena Horne: Black Beauty in Residence 125
Cabin in the Sky 128
Stormy Weather 131
Bits and Pieces of Black Action 132
Song of the South 135
The New Negroes: An Interim 136
The Problem People 143
Home of the Brave and the Postwar Good Sensitive Negro 144
Lost Boundaries' Tragic Mulattoes 147
Pinky's Tragic Mulatto and Its Strong Black Woman 150
Intruder in the Dust and the Defiantly Proud Black Man 154
6 The 1950s: Black Stars 159
Ethel Waters: Earth Mother for an Alienated Age 161
Dorothy Dandridge: Apotheosis of the Mulatto 166
Sidney Poitier: Hero for an Integrationist Age 175
Black Odds and Ends 183
7 The 1960s: Problem People into Militants 194
Steps Forward 196
Black Art Films 200
A Step Backward: Ossie Davis and Gone Are the Days 204
Along the Road, in Harlem, and on the Subway 206
Way Down in de New Ole South with Tom-Tom, Miss Bronze Barbie Doll, and Ms. Militant Mammy 208
A Man Called Adam and the Son of Sunshine Sammy 213
Super Sidney of the 1960s 215
Jim Brown: Black Buck Hero for a Separatist Age 220
The New-Style Black Film 223
8 The 1970s: Bucks and a Black Movie Boom 231
Preludes 232
Melvin Van Peebles: The Black Movie Director as Folk Hero 234
Shaft: He's a Badd Mother - Shut Your Mouth 238
Super Fly: Mixed Messages 239
Buckmania 241
The Jock as Movie Star 243
Lady Sings the Blues: Black Stars, Black Romance 245
Sounder 246
Sidney Strikes Again 250
Superbadd, Supermama 251
Sisters in Distress 252
Other Films, Other Voices 256
Richard Pryor: The Crazy Nigger as Conquering Hero 259
The Wiz 264
9 The 1980s: Black Superstars and the Era of Tan 267
Holding Up the Fort 268
Dramatic Possibilities 270
Buddy Buddy 271
Richard Pryor, Superstar: The Ups and Downs 276
Trading Places: Eddie Murphy 281
A Soldier's Story 287
Say It with Music 288
Different Directions 290
Women: As Exotics and Non-racials 291
A Controversy about Color 292
Whipping Whoopi 297
Independents 298
Hollywood and the Race Theme 301
Burning History: The White Man's Burden 301

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Toms, coons, mulattoes, mammies, and bucks

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